REVIEW: Detective Comics #976 (A Family Divided or Drake to the Future)

This story is the follow up of recent events in which Batwoman made a choice to use an experimental bullet to assassinate Clayface (Basil Karlo). He had become Ten times his size and was wreaking havoc all over Gotham. Cassandra, was infuriated, as she had fallen in love with Karlo, but ultimately the team decides it’s time to part ways with Batwoman.

Batwing and Azrael decide they are willing to follow Batwoman and they join he and the mysterious Colony, an organization with resources similar to Marvel’s Shield.

This story follows three threads, That of Cassandra Cain, Batwoman and her team and Tim Drake.


REVIEW: Green Lanterns #42 (No Good Steed Goes Unpunished!)

Using an App called Caper that would find matches for the Superheroes to date. Simon used it to meet a woman hero named Night Pilot. He discovered that upon their return from Ungara, there are a large number of Super Heroes missing, including The Night Pilot.

Simon and Jessica have enlisted the help of the Scoundrel Scrapps to lead them to the trail of the Abductors, and hopefully the missing heroes. They have recently found information leading them to a system that is controlled by a Church of the Steed. A fanatical Cult that the Green Lantern’s have an accord with to not enter their space without overwhelming evidence of a crime.