The Boys: Dear Becky #2: Ouch

The Boys: Dear Becky #2 (Ennis, Braun, Avina) starts getting down to business after last issue’s table-setting, and is all the stronger for it. Less knee-jerk over-the-top violence, and more intrigue and introspection make for a comic that, while not yet at can’t-miss status, definitely stands out on the shelves.


The Boys: Dear Becky #1 (of 4): Out of Touch

The Boys: Dear Becky #1 (Ennis, Braun, Avina) is a comic that feels ripped from a bygone era, and whether or not readers can stomach it given the world’s current climate is going to be a personal choice. The Boys remains as brutal and uncaring as ever, but now lacks the wink and sense of fun the original run had. And perhaps that, too, is a reflection of the times.


Magnus #1-5: A Robot Without a Leash

Magnus #1-5

Magnus #1-5 (Higgins, Fornes, O’Halloran, Esposito) brings something completely new and modern to the series with a moral dilemma that explores a fundamental relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. For those looking for a sci-fi mystery thriller, this is definitely one you will want to read.