Empty Zone #4: I Eat Information

Empty Zone #4

If the brilliant artwork featuring a technologically dependent world cast into the shadows blurring the lines between life and death isn’t enough, the unnatural mystery that is beginning to unravel in Empty Zone #4 (Alexander, NCT, Jackson) should be more than enough to keep you coming back.


Snotgirl #15 : They’re Girlfriends! (And Everything Keeps Being Weird!)

Snotgirl #15 : The Rehearsal

(O’Malley, Hung, Cohen, Odomo) If you loved #1-14 of Snotgirl, this one delivers. You’re gonna scream and laugh and cry with it I swear! If you’re not caught up or starting to get into Lottieworld, all I wanna say is you’re gonna eventually have get everything you want of this series. It’s gonna get messy! Complicated! Gay! And certainly there’s a mystery there! Plus the art is constantly astounding and even gets better!