Sunday Classics: Black Panther #1 (1977): The Brass Frog is Yours!

Black Panther #1 (1977)

Join us this Sunday morning for a look back at Black Panther #1 from 1977! In his very first ongoing series, Black Panther comes to life with Jack Kirby, Mike Royer and Dave Hunt at the helm for a story that many are now likely to find a bit strange thanks to a Brass Frog and its impact on time, but captures the essence of how fun comics of this era were.


Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1: Ain’t No Coming Back From That

Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1

Fans of the character will most likely find enjoyment in Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1 (Yost, Dezago, Turnbull, Kurth) if only for the concept alone. It doesn’t really offer anything unique for the character or push him in new directions, but if you are looking for some solid fan service with Wolvie beating up on some baddies, this is the issue for you.