Judge Dredd Prog 2177: Due Process

Judge Dredd Prog 2177

Judge Dredd prog 2177 (Niemand, Critchlow, Parkhouse) is a hit, no doubt about it. It’s a one-shot that you may have a hard time finding any complaints about. There are a lot of interesting elements at work that show this team fundamentally understands what makes a good Dredd story, so don’t miss out on this one! 


Planetary #8: The Devil’s Empty House

Planetary #8

Planetary #8 (Ellis, Cassaday, DePuy, Cline) hits the ground running with yet another sci-fi mystery with much larger implications for Jakita, Elijah and the Drummer. It’s grotesque and deeply compelling, but it also is frustratingly secretive in its intentions, leaving the reader with no choice but to dig into the next issue for more answers. 


Manga Monday: Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 1: Believe in the Strength Within Yourself

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 1

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 1 (Kishiro) is the type of manga that transcends the oftentimes strict expectations of the medium with both an incredibly impressive aesthetic and deep character drama to back it up. There is a dedication to storytelling that is so evident on every page that even at this length, it’s impossible to put down until the very last panel.