Broken World #1: Who Lives and Who Dies?

Broken World #1

For those looking for a heartfelt take on apocalyptic comics, Broken World #1 (Barbiere, Peterson, Louise, Dukeshire) brings all the emotion you could want with powerful character-driven drama. It’s dynamic, packs plenty of twists and turns, and leaves with a cliffhanger that will force you right into the next issue no questions asked.


Drones Vol. 2: PTSD

Drones Vol. 2

Drones Vol. 2 (Runberg, Louis, Daviet) will make you ask some difficult questions and challenge how you look at the world, but it asks an incredibly important question when doing so regarding the inevitability of tragedy in modern wartime situations driven by political discord. 


Drones Vol. 1: Hellfire

Drones Vol. 1

Drones Vol. 1: Hellfire (Runberg, Louis, Daviet) is a futuristic wartime graphic novel which asks readers to follow a personal vengeance-fueled story that attempts, to limited success, to shed light on a much larger real-world dynamic on the motivations of war. It’s good, but it had potential to be great.