The Boys: Dear Becky #2: Ouch

The Boys: Dear Becky #2 (Ennis, Braun, Avina) starts getting down to business after last issue’s table-setting, and is all the stronger for it. Less knee-jerk over-the-top violence, and more intrigue and introspection make for a comic that, while not yet at can’t-miss status, definitely stands out on the shelves.


Spawn #307: A Cryptic Tale to Tell

Spawn #307

While the story is one that fans will be talking about for some time, we are simply going to need to see how things continue to play out to determine if everything was truly worthwhile. Even then, Spawn #307 (McFarlane, Tan, Glapion, Gho, Orzechowski) packs a punch with some awesome artwork and a touch of nostalgia to keep readers coming back.