Spawn #305: Baptism of Fire

Spawn #305

Spawn #305 (McFarlane, Alexander, Steigerwald, Orzechowski) is a can’t-miss conclusion to not just a brutally exciting arc, but also a character-defining artistic approach from Jason Shawn Alexander. It’s fast paced and full of awesome new developments that will have fans thrilled for the next chapter in Spawn’s dramatic crusade against both Heaven and Hell. 


Avengers #31: Iron Man vs. One Million B.C.E.

Avengers #31

Avengers #31 (Aaron, Zaffino, Borges, Kudranski, Bazaldua, Gill, Iulis) may have some serious retcon issues involving Howard Stark that must be addressed at some point, and leaves far too many dangling plot threads to be considered a complete narrative, but there’s no denying the powerful character work put into Iron Man makes for some seriously compelling reading.