Star Wars #2: A Darker Time for the Rebellion

Star Wars #2 The Destiny Path: part II

Star Wars issue #2 (Soule, Saiz, Prianto) helps continue a news series in a new chapter in the most beloved era of Star Wars giving audiences a glimpse between films. A new writer and art team are assembled to offer up something very different, yet familiar to the popular franchise. Following issue one, Marvel continues to explore the time period after The Empire Strikes Back.


Action Comics #1019: New Best Friends

Action Comics #1019

Using the momentum started by the last few issues, Action Comics #1019 (Bendis, Romita Jr., Janson, Anderson) puts Lex Luthor and Leviathan front and center and shows who is in control and it doesn’t look good for Superman. Bendis and Romita Jr. continue to show that they are an incredible team.