Teen Titans #39: SO COOL!

Teen Titans #39 (Glass, Thompson, Pansica, Ferreira, Maolo) feels a bit off due to the regular creative team only being partially present for the proceedings, but is still a good old-fashioned superhero brawl that brings the stakes and a pleasant and surprising guest-star. If you’re sleeping on this title, it’s time to wake up!


Amethyst #1: Not All is Crystal Clear

Amethyst #1

Amy Reeder takes on writing, art and colour duties (with Gabriela Downie in lettering) in a brilliant new reinvention of this character, which subverts most of the magical girl narratives, shifting our character from a childhood with thousands of fantasty adventures and magical companions into the devastating solitude and constant change of teenager years.


Spawn #305: Baptism of Fire

Spawn #305

Spawn #305 (McFarlane, Alexander, Steigerwald, Orzechowski) is a can’t-miss conclusion to not just a brutally exciting arc, but also a character-defining artistic approach from Jason Shawn Alexander. It’s fast paced and full of awesome new developments that will have fans thrilled for the next chapter in Spawn’s dramatic crusade against both Heaven and Hell.