Firefly #4: Murphy’s Law Strikes Back

Firefly #4

Firefly #4: It’s another fun issue that we’ve come to expect from this creative team. Pak and McDaid clearly understand these characters and are giving us great Mal moments. It’s a little light on some of the characters but we can’t expect a focus on everybody in an ensemble book. It’s definitely another strong entry in one of my favorite adaptations of a TV series.


Transformers #1: ‘Til All Are One

Transformers #1

Transformers #1: This reboot misses the mark in some parts but keeps the reader interested enough to check out more. It’s part political drama, part mystery, all rock ‘em sock ‘em robots. Worth checking out if you’re a transformer fan and as with most IDW’s Transformer books, it’s more intelligent than a book about an 80’s cartoon containing transforming cars and planes has any business being.