Berman #79: A Graceful Interlude

Batman #79

Batman #79 (King, Mann, Morey): A quiet, but not uneventful interlude on a beach brings Batman to a new level of self-understanding — right before ripping the carpet right under his feet. This issue won’t appeal to the folks who read primarily for the explosions, but it will be an important issue for just about everyone else.


Gwenpool Strikes Back #2: Sex Sells?

Gwenpool Strikes Back #2

There’s something about Gwenpool Strike Back # 2 (Williams, Baldeon, Aburtov) has tone that reminds me of the memes and trashposting that is rampant on social media, straddling the line between humor/trolling and a kind of satirical commentary of culture. Or I could be thinking too hard and this is merely meant to be a “fun” comic that is not for me.