REVIEW: Detective Comics #976 (A Family Divided or Drake to the Future)

This story is the follow up of recent events in which Batwoman made a choice to use an experimental bullet to assassinate Clayface (Basil Karlo). He had become Ten times his size and was wreaking havoc all over Gotham. Cassandra, was infuriated, as she had fallen in love with Karlo, but ultimately the team decides it’s time to part ways with Batwoman.

Batwing and Azrael decide they are willing to follow Batwoman and they join he and the mysterious Colony, an organization with resources similar to Marvel’s Shield.

This story follows three threads, That of Cassandra Cain, Batwoman and her team and Tim Drake.


REVIEW: Batman/TMNT 2 #5 (The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend)

Bane has taken over New York, he has the Foot Clan under his boot heel. After a terrible battle that the Turtles and Batman barely escaped from, Splinter was brutalized by Bane, and is in critical condition. The Turtles escape but the damage has been done.

Donatello seems to take this harder than most and he decides to test the Venom on himself and become strong enough to take down the Foot and Bane on his own.
Batman and Leonardo try to calm his Rage, but Donatello is succumbing to the effects of the Venom.


REVIEW: Mage the Hero Denied #7 (Searching for Answers )

Kevin has taken a potion to detect the trail of the Questing Beast. Fearing that he is on the precipice of some Epic quest he decides to pursue the trail. Unfortunately he lost track of the time and he was supposed to meet Magda his wife for a fundraiser. Kevin is lost in a Rose Garden seeking the Beast.

Meanwhile Magda is confronted by someone who recognizes that she is a witch, and that someone happens to be the Superintendent of the School system!He also seems to have intimate knowledge of whichcraft and seems immune to her attack of Bewilder Dust.