Paranoia Leading to an Existential Experience (God Complex Dogma #1 Comic Review)

Based in the futuristic dark and dismal metropolis of Delphi, Seneca, a detective-forensic investigator catches a case involving three grisly murder victims whose identities are unknown and have left no forensic data footprint, which points to them being acolytes of Trinity Church, anti-tech fanatics.  Subconsciously though, Seneca senses that something is very wrong, with these murders, with this miserable world he exists in, and most of all, with himself.  Seneca reports directly to the mysterious Hermes, a Ruler, one of the elite in this futuristic pulp sci-fi drama.  Rulers have the ability to navigate the stream, a realm that runs parallel to the grim imagery of Seneca’s Delphi, and access to this stream allows the Rulers to ‘navigate the currents of all human knowledge; like Gods.  Through forensic data investigation and the assistance of Hermes, Seneca uncovers a conspiracy, connecting the murders to the Trinity church and must determine why, all the while, his paranoia and constant questioning of his own existence and the existence of the one percent, the Rulers, whose abilities make them gods leads to revelations that may very well capsize his entire world.