REVIEW: Justice League of America #23 (Frost Frozen by Fear!)

While Batman is gone fighting his evil incarnations in Metal, he has left the Justice League of America in charge of facing the Might Beyond the Mirror. Tsarita, the queen of Myth has taken control!
Frost has called the Queen of Wishes to Earth by wishing away her hunger for the heat of living things. She has been effectively cured. The Queen Tsarita, also thinks that Frost is a reminder of her sister Freya that passed away ages ago.

The League was chosen by Batman, for it’s mostly incorruptible nature, hence the seemingly strange team make up, but they were selected to combat the Queen, should she rear her head in this realm.

Killer Frost , had a Nightmarish vision of a future where she had taken the heat from everything living in the world. In an effort to prevent that outcome she makes a wish to save the world, and releases the Magical Mistress of Myth Queen Tsarita (Issue #22)


REVIEW: Luke Cage #169 (Caged- Part Four)

Brainwashed and buried. On his journey home from New Orleans, Luke Cage passes through a small town under the control of the villainous Ringmaster. Thinking that the hero is there to stop him, Ringmaster orders Cage’s imprisonment and wipes his memory. Cage and his fellow prisoner Gonzo are sentenced to mine toxic chemicals under the prison, which Ringmaster is using to magnify his hypnotic powers. In an attempt to escape from the mines, Cage is shot and the ricocheting bullets destroy the support beams of the mines and bring down the mine down on top of the hero.