REVIEW: Batman #42 (Everyone Loves Ivy or The Ivy League)

Batman and Catwoman are the only two humans on Earth not under the Mind control of Poison Ivy. They are confined to Wayne manor, and Poison Ivy has sent the Justice League to keep them there.

Having prepared for this eventuality, Bruce has handy a serum to counteract Ivy’s Pheromones that took control of the entire Human Population of the Planet. It seems the Meta Humans and the Aliens as well. He was swift enough to inoculate Selina as well. So these two are the only ones free of Pamela Isley’s Mind control.

Superman is dispatched to cover the whereabouts of Batman and Catwoman, and they are confined by Ivy to the Wayne Manor. By the way she knows who Batman is now. So does everyone connected to her, but it seems like they have no memories or recollection, all they do is channel her like a Radio station.