REVIEW: Daredevil #600 (Mayor Fisk Undone!)

The New mayor of New York City is the one-time Criminal Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. He has asked his rival and constant thorn in his side Matthew Murdock to be his Deputy Mayor. In a stunning decision, Matt has agreed but in order to keep track of Fisk. Fisk has decided to burry Murdock in Bureaucracy and Red Tape, so he rarely gets to see the light of day (pun intended), but Matt takes this opportunity to listen in on Fisk’s conversations and hear about his plans.


REVIEW: Batman #43 (A Distracting Plot or Pruning the Ivy!)

The conclusion of last issue has Batman goading a Poison Ivy controlled Superman to hitting Batman so hard that he nearly died. Ivy says that since she controls the entire world she was able to use a combination of Science and Magic to piece Bruce back together.

This is a different Poison Ivy in the “Rebirth Universe” by the way. She is more of a fragile victim than an eco-terrorist bent on taking control of the planet for the Green. Batman uses this to appeal to her as a victim. She was forced to take sides in the war of Jokes and Riddles.
Catwoman is keeping Ivy company as Batman is convalescing in a hospital with Superman as a guard, under the watchful eye of Dr. Harley Quinn ( a Traumatic Brain Injury specialist). Hmmm almost like he planned this.


REVIEW: Detective Comics #976 (A Family Divided or Drake to the Future)

This story is the follow up of recent events in which Batwoman made a choice to use an experimental bullet to assassinate Clayface (Basil Karlo). He had become Ten times his size and was wreaking havoc all over Gotham. Cassandra, was infuriated, as she had fallen in love with Karlo, but ultimately the team decides it’s time to part ways with Batwoman.

Batwing and Azrael decide they are willing to follow Batwoman and they join he and the mysterious Colony, an organization with resources similar to Marvel’s Shield.

This story follows three threads, That of Cassandra Cain, Batwoman and her team and Tim Drake.