REVIEW: Justice League of America #24 (Behold Promethea!)

Mari freshly regenerated from her recent explosion, uses he Tantu Totem to connect her to all of the people who had seen her die. She asks that they sacrifice their wishes to help defeat the Queen’s power. Unbeknownst to her, she has switched to a more potent power source in their Fear. The team still doesn’t know that Vixen is OK, and Mari tries her best to rally support from the bystanders.
Emerging from the portal Promethea engages Tsarita and they battle while the Justice League takes on the remnants of her Woodsmen. Lobo, not pleased with Frost’s betrayal of the team, attacks her. She holds him back, but cannot defeat him for long. The Atom intervenes and shrinks Lobo down to a more manageable size.