Livewire#4: Recharged

Livewire #4

If one needed a solid foundation to step foot into the Valiant universe Vita Ayala just handed you four issues perfect for just that. Something intriguing without being overwhelming and familiar to older fans like myself without becoming stale. Besides when’s the last time we got handed a strong independent black woman who didn’t need no man in her own book that wasn’t Storm? Bottom line Livewire is a solid series that already shows great promise and the potential to become just as synonymous with the name “Valiant” as Ninjak, Bloodshot or X-O Manowar.


REVIEW:Bloodshot Salvation #8 (Blind Determination)

A Brief scene as Magic is upset that Ninjak held her back when she tried to follow Ray and Jessie into the Deadside. But Ray is blind and he is in trouble. He has a rather large gun, but the only eyes that he has are the Blood Hound’s.
Overwhelmed by the horde, Ray and The Hound make their final stand as Ray unsheathes the Sword he took from Ninjak. He takes many a Demon’s head, but it’s inevitable as they swarm him. Victory looks bleak.