Monsters Unleashed: A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

In the abundance of silence, your popcorn suddenly feels like lead in your lap. You’re pinned to your pleather seat, threatened by the potential squeak of a movement. Your very breath has softened, for fear that if you are the next to make a sound, the monsters might hear you, too.


April Fool’s Day: Which One Pranked Us Better?

April Fool’s Day

Over the top, cliched, melodramatic, and often poorly acted, both the original April Fool’s day in 1986 and the 2008 “remake” have their issues. However, they still prove to be fun viewing, especially if you watch them in theme with the day. So, if you’re looking for something mindlessly fun to watch this April 1st, either April Fool’s Day fits the bill.


Westworld: A Cinematic Stepping Stone


It’s the sci-fi twist on a concept that the fantasy genre has long thrived on—the escapism, the promise of more—and it’s laid out beautifully in the film’s plot. Westworld draws the audience in with a desirable catharsis, enticing us with the endlessness of the story’s possibilities and encouraging us to give all of ourselves over.


Hidden Gems: Radioactive Dreams

Radioactive Dreams

Doubtlessly, most of you have never heard of Radioactive Dreams, but it definitely fits the “so bad, it’s good” category. It is a wacky post-apocalyptic movie that is pure 80s! Even though it’s next to impossible to find, if you like fun, weird post-apocalyptic movies, you should seek this one out.