Who Will Be Marvel’s Next Big Villain?

With Thanos’ story culminating in Avengers: Endgame, many people are wondering who the next big bad of Marvel’s MCU movies is going to be. Process of elimination cuts many villains out of the possibilities. So, we’re ranking the villains most likely to manipulate and attack our beloved Marvel heroes in the future of the MCU.


Opinion-Star Wars: The Holiday Special – A Forgotten Foray into the Star Wars Universe

Star Wars: The Holiday Special

If there’s a bright center of the Star Wars universe, this is the movie that it’s farthest from. Back in 1977, when A New Hope was released, it took the world by storm. The level of fandom that rushed to see it over and over was unprecedented. In a strange effort to capitalize on that popularity, and provide families with some fun Christmas viewing, George Lucas made Star Wars: The Holiday Special.


Frozen II: Clear and Comfortable

Frozen II

The sequel to Disney’s Frozen could not possibly live up to the hype of the original, and so it doesn’t try.  While the story maintains its familiarity by holding true to the same themes, it takes audiences on a brand new adventure that delves deeper into the curiosities of a largely unexplored world.