Birds of Prey: The Harley Quinn Show

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Batgirl, also known as Oracle or Barbara Gordon. Black Canary. Huntress. Lady Blackhawk. Gordon and Canary are the original members of the Birds of Prey, while Huntress and Lady Blackhawk have been the other longtime mainstays. This movie, though, is all about Harley Quinn. That’s not entirely a negative issue, though, as the movie proves to be entertaining even if wildly untrue to the comics.


Some THING is in the Works

Back in 1982, John Carpenter released one of the most amazing horror movies of all time, The Thing. The story, based on John W. Campbell’s novella Who Goes There, has actually been turned into a movie twice with a 3rd movie following essentially the same plot but coming in as a prequel to Carpenter’s classic. This week, it was announced that Universal and Blumhouse are developing another one!