REVIEW: Green Lanterns #41 (Hunting the Human Traffickers in Space!)

Having successfully found the cause of the disappearing heroes, Simon and Jessica take Scrapps, the ring leader and one that used the Caper App to further her Human Trafficking ring, into their custody. They are having her lead them to her supplier. Meanwhile Jessica is dealing with the Caper App, saying her perfect match was Simon! They travel off world to a lawless planet called Garnet in the Vega system. A system where they don't take kindly to Green Lanterns. They once had one, but the ring never chose a successor, because it's that bad!

REVIEW: Green Lanterns #40 (Caught in a Caper, or Lanterns’ Swipe Left!)

The Green lanterns have just returned to Earth from a short time on the Planet Ungara. Simon has been living in the Green Lantern barracks and has had a hook up with a Woman Hero Named Night Pilot. They met using an App called Caper (Think of a Tinder just for Super heroes, with secret identities). After striking out against Liseth on Ungara, Simon and Jessica return home to check on things on the Planet Earth.

REVIEW: Green Lanterns #39 (The Tide has Turned!)

Listeh has taken on the powers of some dangerous Aliens, through the Surge Engine. It appears that she was using Kesh Cur to further her own ends. She defeats The Lanterns and Regent Vok, and walls them up with Alien Corpses, as she makes her escape. Terrorizing the Molites, and speaking to the Ungardians, she flies on angel wings reaping destruction in her wake. Preaching of a new Ungarda to all who can hear.

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