Westworld: Humanity Among the Robots


With so many strong concepts, a solid cast, and a truly stellar design team, Westworld has all of the tools at its disposal to be an endlessly spectacular show. It’s going to take some serious dedication from a talented team of show runners to align everything as perfectly as it will need to be in order to pull this complex show off.


Birds of Prey: Feminist, fun, and fervently tacky

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a 2002 television series, revolving around women who fight crime in the city of New Gotham, all while trying to lead personal lives. Birds of Prey, on paper, is promising if you look at the first episode, attracting 7.6 million viewers. Yet, somehow, the rest of the series received ratings so low The WB canceled it after just one season. Did this series deserve to be cancelled? Let’s find out.