Teen Titans Go: Unexpected Comedy Gold

Teen Titans Go!

When another Teen Titans show was announced, Teen Titans Go! may not be what people expected, but given the chance of an open mind, they could see it as the comedy gold that it is. It’s not the typical take on superheroes, sure. Rather, it’s a fresh, creative version that wonderfully turns all the expected superhero clichés on their ear and gives viewers something entirely new.


Batman Beyond: Cyberpunk Batman?

Batman Beyond

Set in a Utopian, futuristic version of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne becomes unable to fulfill his role as Batman. And so, Terry McGinnis, a troubled but good-natured high school student, ends up becoming Batman, while also dealing with the personal toll becoming of the cowl. Is this series a new and unique version of the Dark Knight or a weird version of him that should just be forgotten.