Into The Dark S2E4: Midnight Kiss; LGBT New Years Eve Horror

Into the Dark

Into the Dark is a Hulu horror anthology series. Each month, the series releases a new episode, each with the theme of a different holiday, this month being New Years Eve, with the episode “Midnight Kiss”. It focuses on a group of friends as they continue with their New Year’s tradition, and have to face a killer on the loose. Is it worth it to have an episode of a horror series to watch during New Year’s Eve, or not. Let’s find out.


Penny Dreadful: Series Review

Penny Dreadful

“Penny Dreadful” is somehow as good, or greater, than the sum of its parts – even though those parts include several of the greatest works of fiction ever written – aided by a killer cast, tonnes of moody atmosphere, and John Logan’s Sorkin-esque approach to scripting (with sole writing credit throughout most of the series), bringing everything together into a cohesive whole with its own unique voice and perspective. “Penny Dreadful” is one of the greatest (most underrated) shows of the 21st century.